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WCB Alberta

Almost 700,000 Canadians collected employment insurance in 2010 according to stats Canada. Take a moment to consider how many of those Canadians are collecting because they have been injured at work. When you are hurt at work and have to deal with WCB Alberta the last thing you want is to jump through hoops or feel lost in the process.

Here are 5 ways to make your WBC application process easier:Does your injury qualify – “To be considered compensable, an accident must meet two conditions:  it must arise out of and occur in the course of employment.” Know the policies.

  1. Fill it out right – here is a guided injury application.
  2.  If your injury is progressive rather than instant be sure to fill out the right form – here is the worker’s progressive injury questionnaire.
  3. Submit your claim correctly- WCB Alberta understand that injured workers have reduced mobility so they have given the option to submit online. There are steps to read before submitting your claim online, or a demonstration video to watch to ensure you complete your application correctly.
  4. Know who to contact – WCB Alberta is a large organization with several departments. Don’t bounce around on hold, go straight to the source and contact the right department.
  5. You may find WCB hesitant to give blank cheques to everyone who asks. WCB fraud is a real problem that costs everyone Millions. It is OK to fight for what is right… do not give them any reason not to compensate you!

Alleviate the stress

Stress that goes along with WCB Alberta and not being able to work due to injury or illness such as having a pay cut, experiencing an increase in medical expenses can be overwhelming. In addition, carrying the same debt load and fixed expenses you could barely handle when you were able to work at full capacity. Credit card companies, car companies, and even the bank that holds your mortgage don’t really care why your income has decreased; even if it for a legitimate reason like being injured at work. The companies you owe money to just see the balance you owe; and they can be ruthless about getting it back. Some would agree that this is totally unfair but know that decreasing your debt load is a reality. When a tragedy like this happens, your financial load all of a sudden goes from a little stressful to devastating.

Here are 5 WCB Alberta commonly asked questions and resources to review.

  1. How do I determine compensation rates? – a great resource in order to make your new budget.
  2. What is COLA and how does it affect my WCB claim? – make sure that you are educated.
  3. How can I request your claim to be reevaluated? – if you do not think your claim is a fair reflection get it reviewed. You can ask for a free appeals adviser to assist with your review.
  4. What if I have an out of province injury? – as an Albertan you will still have to work with WCB Alberta
  5. What are the permanent disability compensation and pension plans? – if your injury is permanently disabling  know the facts.

Injured workers

are a sad reality, and watching yourself, your friend, or family member be crushed under the weight of creditors or debt, because their workplace caused an injury, is an unnecessary strain; one which can cause pressures in other areas of your life and relationships. Money is the leading factor in failed relationships and family issues so make sure you find a debt solution for your current situation while dealing with WCB Alberta and being on employment insurance. Make sure that if you or a loved one is involved with a work injury or with WCB Alberta they you or they can focus entirely on their recovery and completing their claims. There are financial options such as a consumer proposal that can reduce your debt load by up to 80% Don’t let the stress of your debt load, and creditor calls continue to affect all aspects of your life; make the decision to reduce your debt today.

Call 780-722-3000 today and find out about other financial aids and options that are available to you.