The Angel Express Expedition

On May 9th, 2012 two cowboys and three horses set out from HWY 16 East in Edmonton, Alberta on a journey to Halifax, Nova Scotia. They will follow the Trans-Canada highway from the Prairies to the Atlantic in order to raise awareness for abused and exploited children.

Angel Express Expedition

Alick Brooke, Guy Bourassa, Chip, Chyenne, and Zeus

Alick Brooke, 60, and Guy Bourassa, 46, have known each other for 20 years and have been around horses for over 15 years. Their journey will span over 4,000kms and will take them approximately 16 weeks. They understand that this is a long journey for their horses and intend to let Chip, Cheyenne, and Zeus (their horses) dictate how far they ride each day, taking care to ensure proper exercise for the reprieve horse and plenty of rest for their main soldiers.

Guy Bourassa has been a foster father to 35 children, and reminds us in Edmonton Sun’s report on May 3rd, 2012 that “Abuse is not something that you see. It’s something you live…. [Unfortunately] you hear about who commits the crimes and not the kids. It follows them for the rest of their lives.”

Alick Brooke, who has been working in children’s services for 38 years, points out in the same report that “These kids need our help. They need to be assured that if they come out and tell somebody they’re going to get help. They don’t have to be ashamed of whatever happened.”

A support vehicle has been offered by Parley Consulting to offer the cowboys a place to bed for the nights until the edge of Alberta. They will also be updating their website with news of the trip. Both Guy and Alick encourage people to come and support them in any way they can whether it’s saddling up and offering company on the ride or reaching out to local news and radio stations to increase awareness. Donations, food, and corrals along the way are also appreciated. Alick has set his fundraising goal to an ambitious one million dollars with the plan to set up a Relief Ranch for harmed youth.

CISN country here in Edmonton Alberta is excited to support this cause and has committed to helping spreading the word to watch out for them on the highway, and get involved in any way they can.

Anyone can check out the Angel Express’ website for more information on the cause, Alick and Zeus, the route, how to donate, how to help, and expedition updates (depending on the availability of internet and a computer).  Below is the schedule and route for Alick, Zeus, Guy, Chip, and Cheyenne. And don’t forget to join the conversation on Twitter: #AngelExpress for updates and to offer any support.


May-09 Edmonton, AB

May-14 Lloydminster, AB

May-17 N Battleford, SK

May-21 Saskatoon, SK

May-30 Yorkton, SK

Jun-08 Portage La Prairie, MB

Jun-10 Winnipeg, MB

Jun-15 Kenora, ONT

Jun-25 Sudbury, ONT

Jul-01 Orillia, ONT

Jul-04 Toronto ONT

Jul-09 Belleville, ONT

Jul-18 Montreal ,QC

Jul-24 Quebec City, QC

Aug-07 Fredericton, NB

Aug-09 Halifax, NS