50 smart tax return ideas

Image from www.wisebread.com

This week’s Friday Freebie covers¬†50 smart tax return ideas from www.wisebread.com

Tax season is upon us, and for those people who are getting a tax return this is the second happiest time of the year, next to Christmas. In order not to “blow” your return on things that won’t benefit you make sure you take a logical look at what needs to be improved or impacted in your life. It is always wise to pre-plan the use of a lump sum of money such as a gift, inheritance, company bonus, or tax return.

Below are just a few smart tax return ideas for you to spark your planning:

  • Start your emergency fund.
  • Make an extra payment to your debts (mortgage, car loan, credit card).
  • Make an extra contribution to your savings (trips, family planning, wedding).
  • Get proper coverage (life/critical illness/disability insurance, or will).
  • Invest in your health (gym membership, spa day, acupuncturist, nutritionist, chiropractor)

Make sure to include your family in the decision making on which tax return ideas to utilize. Contact your financial advisor if you need extra information on which idea will yield the most results.

Share your best tax return ideas below with us.