Personal Debt Freedom


1)   Pre Proposal Program

 (Debt strategy and game plan)

The main objective is to put in place a plan that fits the individual. Keep in mind that this objective is not necesarily consistant with the motives of anyone else.  Some common debt turnaround solutions include:

  • Making a feasible budget –  pay the debt in full.
  • Getting a consolidation loan – will the banks do it?  In some cases yes.  
  • Credit counselling services – workable for debt not exceeding 10k-15k.  
  • Informal Proposals – a service we offer for those with many assets.
  • Consumer Proposal – a debt turnaround solution that suits more families than just about any other.
  • Bankruptcy – a powerful mechanism that can provide immediate relief or overwhelming stress,

Credit Counselling

You see them advertised everywhere, internet, TV, press, radio etc etc etc. These companies are highly funded.  They are set up as a last ditch effort to recover as much money from delinquent creditors as possible. The repayment is 100% of the debt plus an administration fee. Some programs are not for profit while others for profit.  Either way it is not free. Having said that, there is a place for these companies and if you owe less than $10000 it is certainly something to look into. They offer a free consultation and usually run a budget for you.

Debt Settlement:

This is a very popular option in the US as bankruptcy and insolvency rules are very different than the commonwealth countries. What they are doing is basically an informal settlement offering cash as a one time payout. Unfortunately most people in this situation do not have the cash necessary. In most cases you will have to entrust your money to these companies on a monthly basis and once a sizable sum has been accumulated (plus fees) the deal is struck. Our recomendation is a DIY (do it yourself) strategy to net similar results.

Consumer Proposals:

These are becoming increasingly popular over the last year. The act was changed in Sept 2009 and the new act encourages (increased the tariff)  Trustees to utilize Consumer proposals over bankruptcies. The premise is similar to the Debt Negotiation and a deal is made with the creditors. The main benefit is the settlement can be paid over 5 years interest and penalty free whick provides immediate cashflow relief. Of course you can pay it off sooner if you manage to come into some extra money.


The holy grail of debt elimination. It is without question the most extreme method to debt elimination. However –  if you do not have a very clear idea of what your rights are, you may find yourself in a most uncomfortable place. Keep in mind that you will never be a client of the Trustee You are the Debtor!! At the trustees office his/her job is to be impartial AND his/her mandate is to protect the interests of the Creditors –  it cost more than you expected both emotionally and financially. Having said that, bankruptcy is often the most effective solution.


2)   S.E.E. program 

(Includes the Pre Proposal services)

The goal of  the S.E.E. program  is to take  individuals with marginal credit and transform them into viable and responsible consumers.

The primary metric that we have to measure this success is a credit score of 650 or higher. However, the strategies put in place will serve these families forever.  Ultimately this will ensure responsible use of future credit and the ability to qualify for CMHC lending or other financial products.

Credit Analysis

 Performed by a fully qualified  Accredited Insolvency Counselor, possessing both the AMP and CFP designations.

–          Review Credit report and identify current issues

–          Determine game plan

–          Provide tools to implement game plan

–          Explore more complicated strategies and discuss the implications on the credit score. (credit counseling, informal proposals, consumer proposals, and bankruptcy)

Credit Rebuilding Guide with access to the online ¨Credit Literacy¨modules

  1. Proven credit rebuilding that produces real results
  2. All financial products are pre approved
  3. Customized programs to fit your needs
  4. collaborate with a professional to review your report
  5. Clear direction on how to improve your credit rating
  6. Access your credit score at regular intervals
  7. Access to credit professionals throughout the year
  8. Perfect program in preparation for upcoming loans and mortgages

Budgeting Kit with access to the ¨Credit Literacy¨modules and the envelope cash system.

We work with clients over a 24 month period to ensure they learn how to create effective long lasting budgets that match their lifestyles. As your clients confidence builds they are going to become empowered with self control and confidence to make effective financial decisions.

  1. Proven budgeting programs that produces real results
  2. Customized programs to fit your needs
  3. Comprehensive budgeting analysis provided
  4. Meet with a professional to review your report
  5. Clear direction on how to improve your budgeting
  6. Access to budgeting services to track your expenses
  7. Access to budgeting professionals throughout the year
  8. Perfect program in saving to buy a home or other major purchases

Accountability Coaching

Our research exposed several needs for a continued positive influence within a credit rebuilding program. Working directly with individuals to discover their potential strengths and contributions not yet realized within their current economic position and personal frame work.

The frustration for those individuals is the inability to see a prosperous and rewarding future. The frustration on the part of those who rely on their financial stability is the discovery that even though they are very good intentioned, they are not prepared for the people aspect of building business and the challenges that lie in wait for them on a daily basis.

Over time and many attempts to provide answers and executable solutions for these issues, it was discovered that the answers are not always found in a systems or policies. Value is realized through appreciation, investment, commitment and a full knowledge of personal purpose.

To this end, Parley Consulting, is proud to provide what is probably one of the most unique program available in the market.

Fraud Protection

Expedited Consumer Credit Disclosure

  • Receive a copy of your current consumer credit disclosure at regular intervals and learn how to identify potential fraud.

Credit Request

  • By ordering your consumer credit disclosure regularly, you will be actively involved in helping to monitor your own credit information. You can request an up-to-date consumer credit disclosure anytime you want, just complete and mail the forms we provide. Your credit file will be provided to you free of charge by the credit bureau as required by provincial credit reporting legislation.

Identity Restoration Services

  • The experts in identity theft restoration will step in and take over the restoration process for you, should you face an identity theft issue. They will customize the solution and work on your behalf to correct identity theft issues with affected agencies and institutions.
  • Fraud alert notifications will be sent on your behalf to both credit bureaus.
  • Fraud Investigators will work with credit card companies, financial institutions, utility companies, collection agencies, and other organizations that may be affected.




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