Corporate Restructuring



1)  S.E.E. programs

2) Corporate Culture Building

3) Corporate Finance

4) Corporate Restructuring


“strive to create  growth by being  nimble, smart and innovative” The cliche of modern business teachings. It certainly has some merit but without the proper support and focus… implementation may be a challenge. Parley Consulting  and its team bring this business mindset  at a time when companies need it most. Access to deep technical knowledge, accounting genius, risk advisory  and financial restructuring insight allow us to be that partner that provides a bit of clarity and direction.


1)    S.E.E. programs



a) Co-op program

b) Employee program

a)   Co-op program 

The goal of  the S.E.E. program  is to take  individuals with marginal credit and transform them into viable and responsible consumers and employees.

The primary metric that we have to measure this success is a credit score of 650 or higher. However, the strategies put in place will serve these families forever.  Ultimately this will ensure responsible use of future credit and the ability to qualify for CMHC lending or other financial products.

Credit Analysis

 Performed by a fully qualified  Accredited Insolvency Counselor, possessing both the AMP and CFP designations.

–          Review Credit report and identify current issues

–          Determine game plan

–          Provide tools to implement game plan

–          Explore more complicated strategies and discuss the implications on the credit score (credit counseling, informal proposals, consumer proposals, and bankruptcy)

Reporting and Tools

Parley Consulting prides itself in creating long term relationships. To this end, communication is a corner stone of our business model. We have implemented a robust CRM to manage and control the flow of information in a secured format. Our partners appreciate the continued feed back about individual files on an on going basis of coarse always working within the confines of FOIP and our Privacy Policy.

  • Credit Analysis report  and game plan. Includes estimated time of our credit goal
  • 2nd report at Month 8 outlining the WIP and completed tasks
  • 3rd report in 18 months at completion of program.
  • On going communications throughout the program as required


Credit Rebuilding Guide comes access to ¨Credit Literacy¨modules.

  1. Proven credit rebuilding that produces real results
  2. All financial products are pre approved
  3. Customized programs to fit your needs
  4. Collaborate with a professional to review your report
  5. Clear direction on how to improve your credit rating
  6. Access to your monthly credit score
  7. Access to credit professionals throughout the year
  8. Perfect program in preparation for upcoming loans and mortgages


Spending plan comes with booklet, access to ¨Credit Literacy¨ modules and the envelope cash system.

We work with your clients over a 24 month period to ensure they learn how to create effective long lasting budgets that match their lifestyles. As your clients confidence builds they are going to become empowered with self control and confidence to make effective financial decisions.

  1. One of three strategies based on what type of communicator you are.
  2. Customized programs to fit your needs
  3. Comprehensive budgeting analysis provided
  4. Meet with a professional to review your report
  5. Clear direction on how to improve your budgeting
  6. Access to budgeting services to track your expenses
  7. Access to budgeting professionals throughout the year
  8. Perfect program in saving to buy a home or other major purchases


Accountability Coaching

Our research exposed several needs for a continued positive influence within a credit rebuilding program. Working directly with individuals to discover their potential strengths and contributions not yet realized within their current economic position and personal frame work.

The frustration for those individuals is the inability to see a prosperous and rewarding future. The frustration on the part of those who rely on their financial stability is the discovery that even though they are very good intentioned, they are not prepared for the people aspect of building business and the challenges that lie in wait for them on a daily basis.

Over time and many attempts to provide answers and executable solutions for these issues, it was discovered that the answers are not always found in a systems or policies. Value is realized through appreciation, investment, commitment and a full knowledge of personal purpose.

To this end, Parley Consulting, is proud to provide what is probably one of the most unique program available in the market.

Fraud Protection

Expedited Consumer Credit Disclosure

  • Receive a copy of your current consumer credit disclosure at regular intervals and learn how to identify potential fraud.

Credit Request

  • By ordering your consumer credit disclosure regularly, you will be actively involved in helping to monitor your own credit information. You can request an up-to-date consumer credit disclosure anytime you want, just complete and mail the forms we provide. Your credit file will be provided to you free of charge by the credit bureau as required by provincial credit reporting legislation.
  • Learn how to read your credit report and more importantly, identify fraudulant activity.

Identity Restoration Services

  • The experts in identity theft restoration will step in and take over the restoration process for you, should you face an identity theft issue. They will customize the solution and work on your behalf to correct identity theft issues with affected agencies and institutions.
  • Fraud alert notifications will be sent on your behalf to both credit bureaus.
  • Fraud Investigators will work with credit card companies, financial institutions, utility companies, collection agencies, and other organizations that may be affected.

b)   Employee Program

Unique Approach

Workplace education is an effective instrument in bringing employees together for personally beneficial presentations, while building corporate health & prosperity. Offering relevant information that addresses their common stress-factors will bring greater balance to their personal and workplace lives. Simultaneously, your company will be developing an engaged, focused, and healthier workforce into a… momentum-force.

Utilizing components of our tried and true S.E.E. program, Parley Consulting will show how to avoid, control and manage their stressful personal financial circumstances.  We will do that through:

Awareness – We will be onsite to educate your employees on the financial topics affecting them directly: credit, debt, & budgeting issues.  Ensuring they know Parley Consulting has the resources, expertise, and experience to resolve their stressful financial circumstances.

Available – Your employees will have access to actual people to talk to.  As well, they can resource our website, email, or phone service…whichever is of best ease & comfort for them.

Approachable – We believe it necessary that your employees feel that we actually care, because we do.  We are passionate about resolving their stressful credit, debt, or budgeting circumstances.  Therefore we will work with the employer to schedule Lunch & Learn Presentations, Seminars and meetings with key in-house personnel.  As well, a monthly newsletter will be available, all in an effort to ensure that your employees know we are truly there to help them.

The True Costs

The undeniable economic factors affecting your employees stress levels are not in question.  Financial stress manifests itself in many forms within an individual.  Their actions, or inactions, happen when they feel their financial stress is overwhelming and workplace needs are not being met.  Studies reveal it, owners know it, and we at Parley Consulting see it every day.

What are employers to do when their employee’s personal economic realities affect their corporate bottom line?

The answer is that today, more than ever, progressive employers are assisting employees to mutual benefit through workplace education.  Parley Consultants work with your employees to bring a sense of awareness on how to avoid, control, and manage their stressful economic circumstances through our Specialized Effective Education program.

An employee doesn’t necessarily need a raise to be more prosperous.  Studies show that financial worksite education can have a great effect on lowering their stress levels.  The by-product is a better functioning employee, fellow co-worker, and a very grateful and more productive person.


The first step to having your employees benefit from our Specialized Effective Education Service is in understanding what the components of the service are:

~ Unlimited phone & digital support
~ Access to 3 Specialized Employee Education (S.E.E) Presentations
~ Access to In-person, off-site meeting support
~ Monthly Newsletter
~ Access for up to 3 peer-driven, accredited counselor lead support sessions
~ Document support booklets on credit and debt
~ Special handbook on: Tips, Tools, & Tricks of the trade – how to handle collection agencies

The company benefits are:
~ Higher Productivity & increased morale
~ Lower absenteeism & Presenteeism
~ Higher quality of work through lowered stress levels
~ Decrease in stress related claims (up to 10% of corporate earnings)
~ An ROI of between 5x -16x per dollar spent


2)   Corporate Culture building

Parley Consulting has joined with  Everyday communities which has always been a supporter of the people side of business development. Inside the corporate bodies of small to large business; their work has produced fantastic cultural change that has proven to be a great benefit to the ownership and the staff alike.

¨Culture building is what we do. With 10 years in the direct field of business consulting, and more than 15 years working with small business, sales teams, and group organizations, the Everyday brand  has had the experience of many different styles of group dynamics and community development.¨

There are many situations that call for practical leadership, planning, execution, financial support. One particular area that was getting looked over was the development of healthy long term community aspect of doing business.


3)   Corporate Finance

Parley Consulting and its mortgage partners have established excellent relationships in the lending community with pension funds, banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, trust companies, private institutions and individual investors. These relationships allow us to identify the source of funds which will be most likely to meet the needs of its borrower clients.

Commercial real estate financing transactions are often very complex. Our partners have extensive experience and we are experts at structuring transactions that work optimally for all parties concerned. The ability facilitate a smooth process which begins with initial discussions and ends with a timely and problem free funding. In order to attract the best financing possible, each situation is presented as effectively and professionally as possible.

Parley Consulting has partnered up with leasing professionals across the country to help you in discovering multiple ways to structure lease financing for new equipment, a sale-lease back to extract capital from existing assets, or solve other equipment acquisition opportunities. Many lease professionals are also mortgage brokers who can use commercial and residential mortgage and property credit-line products alone or in combination with lease-financing to help you achieve the best solution for equipment acquisition.

Exposure limits are not an issue as we simply move the lessee to additional funding resources when exposure-limits are imposed by each funding source.



  1. Identifying the challenges
  2. Collaborate on solutions and potential opportunities
  3. Formulating a restructuring plan
  4. Executing the restructuring plan
  5. Pursue an intelligent approach as a means to create future value.


4) Corporate Restructuring

For some, the path to value is a steady flow. For others, it unfolds through columns of innovation. Innovative restructuring strategies  have measurable impact and will help companies in their efforts to emerge stronger and smarter. To this end, Parley Consulting will create a bridge between the business owners, creditors and other stakeholders.

With long term goals in mind, designing a clear exit strategy becomes an identifiable challenge in itself. To be sold, a corporate structure needs to be streamlined, unique, self sustaining, and healthy. In the current economic and demographic environment a viable and underutilized exit strategy is a well designed  proposal, either informal or formal. The objective of such a controlled winding down would be to maximise returns and mitigate liabilities for the management team.

Our clients look to our team for the ability to implement the ideas we present. They expect excellent performance that draws upon our breadth of industry and service experience. Simply put, we provide our clients with world-class insights to be able to recognize and  uncover insights that create new futures.

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