“Look Up” is a anti-social media interaction campaign that is ironically but usefully running on YouTube right now. Gary Turk cleverly rhymes about how phones are ruining our ability to truly connect and experience life. It’s safe to say we’ve all fallen victim to the ease of communicating via phone or internet. The ways we can communicate¬†are vast, with email, text, Face-Time, Hangouts, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Kik, Instagram, Flicker, Tumblr, MySpace, YouTube, PlentyofFish, Match.Com, e-Harmony, etc. etc. etc. (I purposely did NOT link to these sites FYI). The list goes on & on, it seems hard to believe that communities are disappearing and relationships are fizzling. And that is the point of Gary’s video.

Look Up

Click “Look Up” for the YouTube video

One of the rebuttle video’s “Look Down” although initially seems to be chatting about the same aspect of our technological world, however, upon closer review of language used in this rebuttle video it’s clear that Spencer & Alex are discussing access to information, not replacing face to face communication with mass texts.

Look Down

Click “Look Down” for the YouTube video

Look Up, or Look Down. Take what you will from the video’s but today’s Friday Freebie encourages you to decide for yourself how you want to use technology. As for me, I would rather not live in a world of “smart phones’ and dumb people”.