Kenora, Ontario

Kenora is a historical Ontario town quietly welcoming experienced travelers. Gone are the days when the Trans Canada meandered through down town. So it is with some hesitation that I recommend future travelers make the stop. After all, there is only so much pristine wilderness, fishing, hunting, great food and most of all hospitality to go around. So, for those of you in search of a box store pizza and a movie theater Thunder Bay is just a few more hours down the road.

This is the town where one chapter ends and another chapter begins. Alick Brooke who is the brainchild behind The Angel Express reluctantly gave into the pleas of his doctors, family and his broken down cowboy body to return to Edmonton. At first I was disappointed but I believe this is exactly what the Angel Express needed. Understand that Alick has been the face, the spirit, and the driving force behind this journey; this has been his dream and the planning has been underway for years. At the same time, there have been some lost opportunities along the way. Press, twitter, Facebook, local sexual assault centers, bands, mayors and other people of influence need to hear this story and now that Alick is back in Edmonton, his many years as director will serve him well as he sets up Edmonton headquarters. It was not long before he was making calls to organize a special appearance for Zeus at the Calgary Stampede… need I say more? Angel Express Angel Express


So what this means, where the hoofs hit the ground, is that the illustrious Guy Bourassa will now be the face which, arguably is not as pretty as Alick but with some coaching from Alick via the Etown HQs I am confident that the press will play on his other qualities. Which brings us back to the cause: child abuse, and exploitation; spread the word and keep them safe.

Kenora Ontario Kenora Ontario Angel Express Expedition