How to Achieve SMARTER Goals

Once you have set a goal which adheres to the SMARTER mnemonic scheme it’s time to look at ways to ensure its success. With the right SMARTER goal, the right elements to achieving success in that goal, and a proper action plan you cannot fail.

Here are the 5 top tips to guarantee you’ll achieve SMARTER goals.

1. Commitment.

Commitment to your goal is imperative; you can never accomplish something without devotion to it. If you find that you are having a hard time committing to your goal then you need to revisit your goal and revise it so that you can dedicate your time and energy accordingly. Remember, it is okay to make necessary changes along the way in order to have success and remain steadfast.

2. Keep your eye on the prize.

Your action plan is in place so that you don’t feel overwhelmed on the road to achieving your goal. There may be times when you need to be fixated on the action plan in order to find victory in the smaller steps you have to take along the way. Since goals are meant to be challenging you will need to be able to refocus on the big picture; the end prize, in order to find motivation again. Losing sight of the desired result can cause discouragement and promote quitting. Creating a vision board is a great way to stay motivated and provides a quick visually appealing item to remind yourself and/or your team what your goal is and even why you’re working so hard for it.

3. Stay positive.

As obvious and cliché as this sounds it’s true. Being able to stay positives in spite of the bumps, hurdles, and revisions you’ll have to go through is the only way to get over them. Visualize yourself celebrating once you have achieved your goal, or visualize how your life will be affected in a positive way once you achieve success. Do not visualize the trials and tribulations you might have. Negative thinking will actually sabotage the success of your goal in many ways from decreasing your motivation to encouraging a failing frequency in events. Having and reciting personal mantras which are packed with self-affirmation and encouraging words or engage in a routine that involves aspects which pump or psyche yourself up (such as music or exercise) will benefit more than you know.

4. Ask for help.

There may be times when you need to employ the assistance of another person while achieving your goal. Whether it’s to have external accountability, motivation, assistance in staying committed, or even utilizing someone else’s skill set being able to ask for help when needed will further the success of your goal and tends to aid in the time frame aspect of a goal. When you ask for help in any way you increase the amount of effort that is being put toward your goal because you will feel more inspired and thus won’t waste time being discouraged, or simply because there are more people working on the goal with you. Asking for help while working on a team oriented goal tends to be easier because you have a variety of people and talents that are already committed to the cause.

5. Congratulate and reward.

Much like the last aspect in the SMARTER mnemonic rewarding and congratulating yourself and/or your team along the way is what keeps peoples’ moral high enough to plug along at the work that needs to be done. Within your action plan there will milestones; smaller goals set in place to ensure the end goal gets accomplished. When you (and your team) reach a milestone, take a moment to congratulate each other and yourself. Being able to do this can be more fun than accomplishing the final result, and tends to have positive effects in other aspects of your life.