Hearst, Ontario

Guy just about crawled out the window when he spotted the Tims. He was so excited he started speaking French. As it turned out everyone spoke French. They call this place little Quebec and 90% of the town is French, the other 10% speak French. It is fun for me as I have to really listen to decipher the conversation and so far I have nothing to write about. If I ever figure out what is being said I will certainly report it. For now, the photos will have to suffice.

We had considered driving to smooth rock but when we stumbled across the “horse hotel” we knew where we would be spending the night. Seriously, the horse hotel, what a name! Anyway, the owner closed it down in 2007 when her parents both passed away. It is really a quaint location and is now considering a grand reopening. In the meantime, Chip, Cheyenne and Zeus will get a good night’s rest.