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go out to the barWe all know that there is fun to be had when you go to the bar; everyone likes a night of dancing and letting loose. It is a developmental stage in a young adult’s life and can have a purpose. Every once in a while is great, possibly even needed, and for sure acceptable. However, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday is excessive and unnecessary. Let’s take a critical look at exactly how much the average person is paying  to creating memories they’ll never recall, and causing physical damage on their body.

The numbers: alright, we’re going to be breaking down the average Friday, and Saturday when someone would go to the bar. Please feel free to take an honest look at your own bar scene spending habits and evaluate your situation based off of those numbers. We’re looking at just a Friday, Saturday night combo because most people don’t do (heavy) week night drinking. If you do, then add it up my friend. Tuesday’s is empty the keg night for most bars and restaurants; Wednesday is quite obviously Wing Night; and Thursday is cheap shot or highball night – gets you geared up for Friday and gives bars the chance to be rid of their half empty two-sixes to decrease the amount of wasted time bar and porter staff have to take bringing new bottles up front. Meaning it is not a far-fetched idea that people drink 5/7 days of the week!

Conservative Weekend Night:

bar money

You get together with your friends do some pre-drinking from 9-11 PM.  You’ll probably work through half a two-six or 6 beers in that time, so you’re looking at about $15. Cab ride to the bar is $10 if you’re splitting with a friend or two. If you’re at a place that has cover charge that is costing you on average $8. And if you’re going out during the cold months coat check is on average $4. After spending $37 already, you get into the bar and you’ll be there for the next 3 hours (from 11PM -2 AM). On average people get 3 drinks an hour and 2 at last call. A drink will cost $5.75 and most people tip with their change so the average would be $1.25 so each drink is $7.00; multiply $7.00 by 11 drinks and you’ve spent $77.00 on your own booze.  Now it is closing time, “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here”; so you hop in a cab and head home to start the after party with your friends to finish off the pre-drinking booze at home, so that’s another $10 for the cab ride. (Keep in mind if you’re not reuniting with your bottle of brew you’ll be buying more and that’s another $15). You’re all starving so you order in pizza and you pitch in $15 to close the night off. So to summarize, the average person will spend $37 before the bar, $77 at the bar, and $25 after the bar bringing the total to $139 for the night.

Now we all know people who spend far more than $139 a night, but keep in mind that we are talking the average, and you should compare your own spending to these numbers to see if you spend more or less than that when you go out for the night. Then calculate your own yearly spending habits.

If a person were to engage in the bar scene on both Friday and Saturday night their weekend evenings would cost them $278/week. The average person will go to the bar three out of the four weekends in a month.  Meaning the average person will spend $834 every month on going to the bar. If you do this all year round you are looking at $10,008/year.  If we consider that there are 10 long weekends each year (depending on your province), that means there are 10 more bar scene outings per year, so you need to add another $1,390 (the average of $139/night out multiplied by 10) bringing the grand total to a whopping $11,398 per year on bar costs.

wasting money Let that sink in for a moment. If you are reading this and spend more than $139/night at the bar, or go more than twice a week, or you go all four weeks of the month this $11,398 is just the beginning.

Hypothetically, let’s say you’re a “baller” and tend to throw down $300 a night and you take it to the max, go out 3 nights a week every weekend all year. You’re looking at $3,600 a month; $43,200/year, plus another $3,000 for long weekend’s means that you are spending $46,200 at the bar. That is $200 MORE than the average Canadian’s salary in 2012 of $46,000 as reported by Stats Canada.[1]

Think you might be able to do something a little more productive with $11,398 to $46,200 a year?