Go Green and Save Green

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6 Innovative Ways

Everyone is talking about saving money by going green. Last week we talked about a home energy audit, and how that can pin point which renovations you need to complete in order to keep the energy (and cash) from escaping through your walls, roofs, windows and door seals.

Doing green renovations require cash up front, but, as we learned, will pay for themselves in savings in the long run. But what if you live somewhere you can’t renovate? What if you simply can’t afford a renovation?  How can you save money while being environmentally aware, without breaking the bank? Today we look at 5 simple ways go green and save green, that go beyond reusable grocery bags.


1)      Get cozy. If you don’t have a timed thermostat and you can’t invest in one, for whatever reason, remember to turn your temperature down. Lowering your thermostat by just a few degrees and throwing on a comfy sweater and soft slippers will lower your heating costs and increase your comfort level.  Slippers can also be a form of stress relief.

2)      Change your bulbs. When your incandescent bulbs burn out make sure to have compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) ready to replace them. These bulbs use about 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer. Three types of compact fluorescent light bulbs include standard, cool white – good to increase contrast on paper while reading, studying, or working, and full spectrum or daylight bulbs – designed to imitate sunlight and are best used as indirect lighting (lamps rather than pot lights). A 4 pack should only cost you about 15-20 bucks.

3)      Use dryer balls. Laundry detergents smell great these days, and fabric softener is easy enough to use. So why triple up with dryer sheets? Dryer sheets cost around four to five dollars; dryer balls are about ten dollars for two and will last at least a year or two. They also cut down on amount of time needed to dry a load by about 25 minutes. This is especially good for anyone doing coin laundry – nothing is worse that plugging the machine before work or a date and coming back to find your clothes are still wet because the lint trap is full and the machine is inefficient. You can go one step further and look into a dryer lint removal kit. They usually come with a vacuum hose extender, a duct brush, and a lint trap brush. If you own your home, remember to check the outside air intake for fluff build up.

4)      Cut power. When you turn the TV off but forget to shut the cable box down there is energy still being used by the cable box. This might seem like an insignificant amount to save but consider how those tiny amounts add up.  The toaster, cell phone chargers, cable box, computers, stereos, and toaster ovens. Using a Smart Strip senses when these devices aren’t in use and cuts the power to them eliminating phantom energy usage. It also senses when power needs to come back – like when you plug your phone in at night.

5)      Oxygenating showerheads. This new technology increases water pressure, rejuvenates skin more by adding up to 10 times extra oxygen, and conserves water by 30-70% vs. conventional showerheads. If you get a shower head with Delrin acetal resin technology you can expect to reduce clogging, increase durability and increase resistance to corrosion and mineral build up. Faucet aerators incorporate the same water saving technology for other water tasks like washing dishes, hands, your face, and brushing teeth.

6)      Check your tires. Having low tires eats gas and reduces the life of your tires. Get in the habit of checking your tires every time you fill up and watch your mileage increase.  It also increases your vehicles safety – something you can’t put a price on.