Friday Freebie

Friday Freebie

This weeks Friday Freebie is on productivity.

We live in a world of chaos and constant input. Without a way to organize your day, your mind, and your life things can get a little crazy. So what are some daily habits that are simple, quick, and effective. Friday’s Find for today is about exactly that:

5 Morning Rituals That Will Keep You Productive All Day from James Reinhart on 

James outlines that a quick, 7 minute, full body work out should jump start your day. You should focus on fruits rather than carbs during breakfast. Identify 3 things that will make you feel productive and accomplished for the day and make sure you block of time in your day to complete the tasks you’ve identified. And lastly, refocus your day; mainly after lunch, to take stock of how your day has been going, what’s knocked you off course, and help yourself get back on track.

These are great suggestions from James Reinhart for daily productivity. They will also have latent benefits for any of those New Years resolutions that may or may not be falling apart by now. Exercising and eating healthy every morning will help with those health goals, and having daily accomplishments gives you something to talk about over dinner with your spouse so rekindling your relationship will be a latent benefit as well.

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