Friday Freebie – Keep Calm

Here’s the debate: Stress Will Kill You vs. Stress is Needed

The weigh in – they’re both true! The trick is HOW to use stress to be productive, and not let it get the better of you.

This week’s Friday Freebie discusses the 10 Things Successful People Do To Stay Calm  from Travis Bradberry outlines the correlation between the severity and duration of stress to a person’s performance which shows that low to no stress results in boredom/depression and as your stress levels increase your attention increases as well. Your stress level ends up reaching an optimal performance area. If stress continues to rise pass the middle, optimal, area into a high stress level which has a long duration the results are strong anxiety and “complete meltdown”

Some of the most successful people are also very busy and because of their demanding schedules have more opportunities to get stressed out, or run at a high(er) stress level for a longer period of time than the average person would. So how do they stay calm and productive?

Bradberry outlines that the 10 Things Successful People Do To Stay Calm are not outrageous, hard, or extraordinary, but they are introspective and consistent.

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Be Grateful

Avoid Asking “What If”
Stay Positive
Limit Caffeine Intake
Squash Negative Self-Talk
Reframe Perspectives
Have & Use Their Support System

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