Coaching Treasure Chest

Coaching Treasure Chest

(Includes the S.E.E. program)


 Take Flight

They say that when we dream of flying that it is an inner desire for freedom. If that’s true then most of us have had that kind of dream at one point or another. Unfortunately, the dream ends in frustration every time. The sense of personal freedom is elusive. Life goes on. Experience happens, many hurts, many victories, many choices made.

The creator of ¨take flight¨  had arrived at a point of realization that time is going by and that there was this compelling purpose that his little family had to grab onto.

Once him and his wife came to grips and accepted the social and spiritual changes that were needed to occur, this new realization made more sense. Their new attitudes towards this new direction created new personal vigor and they began to feel truly free.

Over the past several years he has worked diligently to learn from the everyday experiences that occur as a natural part of building a prosperous life & business. This interactive coaching course highlights many key lessons learned over those years.

We believe that every person carries valuable insights that provide a light for the path before us. The time is now to take advantage of just such a story. It is with great personal pleasure that Take Flight is offered to you today!

We hope for every person we walk with is that they pro-actively learn from experiences and not resent the pain of growth that will inevitably happen for each of them. The very act of creating an exciting life experience can be in many respects a stretching and sometimes painful journey. You will discover that it can be incredibly rewarding with every choice made and action taken.

This course is meant to offer you a practical and inspirational resource from which you can derive the strength required to take flight and soar with a greater sense of freedom and personal prosperity.

Life lessons are a valuable currency for all of us. It is truly our attitude that propels us or prevents us from finding satisfaction, personal healing or powerful potential.

This course is not about psychoanalysis or therapy. It is about offering healthy choices and equipping couples and individuals to effectively reach a joyful quality of living on all levels. It is about the pursuit of bigger life achievements, results, and new discoveries to serve their personal desires for success. Take Flight seeks to promote positive social values with character, integrity, relevance and distinction.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to challenge our clients to develop a strong sense of commitment, responsibility,   accountability, with emphasis on making the right choice and find the will to act. We are hoping our clients find the courage to take back control for positive living.

Take Flight is designed to provide a forward thinking and in-touch style of professional mentoring that will positively affect a new generation of people. We desire to successfully propel each participant into their future dreams for achievement and realize their prosperous future.

Our Specific Learning Objectives

–          To establish focused achievable life goals.

–          To establish firm personal beliefs as a trustworthy point of reference in times of decision and conflict.

–          To recognize and appreciate the need and reality of having a positive social community and to be active within it.

–          To appreciate and reconcile our past to empower our sense of value in the lives of others and use of experiences to encourage others to excel.

–          To explore and discover new risks and opportunities. Developing an attitude of discovery instead of an attitude of chronic recovery.

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