What to buy, when

Save money while shopping? It’s possible. Amp up your savings by knowing when to hit the stores.


Wedding Dresses – Perfectly timed to coincide with holiday proposals, discounts on designer dresses can be anywhere from 30 to 70 percent off.


Chocolate and Candy – Indulge your sweet tooth with post-Valentine’s Day markdowns on chocolate and candy. (The same goes for Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween and Christmas.)


Winter Sports Equipment – The season’s over, so stores will be clearing out skis and snowboards to make room for summer gear.

Catch the after-season sales!Catch the after season sales!

Lawn Mowers – Spring cleaning means one-day specials and weekend-only savings on lawn mowers and other yard stuff.


Cookware – Early summer brings graduations and weddings, and since cookware’s the perfect gift for both, stores offer big savings.


Tools – Dad wants a new hammer for Father’s Day, and with the deals this month, you can throw in a drill or maybe even table saw.


Jewellery – The midsummer lull gets you some bargaining power at smaller jewellery shops. Hit the bigger stores at Valentine’s Day or Christmas.


Computers – The back-to-school sales start this month, along with the deals aimed at new university students.


Strollers – Last year’s strollers are on sale big time – and in many cases, the only difference between old and new models in the fabric pattern.

Need a new bike? Buy one this month.


Bicycles – Get yourself a two-wheeler on sale; at this time of year, most shops clear space for next year’s models.


Holiday Flights – Plan your getaway right before the mid-December rush to get the best price and itinerary.


Real Estate – The Canadian Real Estate Association says that December and January are the slowest months, which can make for better deals.


**Excerpt from Chatelaine’s The Savvy Woman’s Money Guide**

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