Arrr today be Pirate Day

pirate dayAhoy Mates on today for the Friday Freebie of September 19th- national Pirate Day! We’re sorry to inform you that the Parley Team has joined Bootstrap Bill down yonder in the deep blue. Alas, have no fear ye landlocked lubbers, a days work will go on. Aye, but pirates will be steering this Parley ship today. So when ye chat with them, make sure ye be calling right by their pirate names. We gave ye some hints below to keep ya safe, aye, if you cross t’ Parley team today not even Jacob’s Ladder can save ye scallywags from Davy Jones’ locker. You can take that black spot for treasure.


Randy arrr cockswain Clark  has passed and is now Slouchin’ Pablo Slasher.

Sheila yarrr Hawkins be Fishbutt Marcy. Ye all will feel the wrath of this wench is ye decide to call her different.

Everett Grrrrriffiths that scallywag now be Sword Jugglin’ Harvey. Be sure to address him as such over t’ phones.

Kere the siren wench Sheppard be dubbed Pirate Mary the Sword Test Dummy.

Carol cackle fruit McCaffrey took to the locker and Fartin’ Sophie Scar came back.

Out West Glen blimey Kelleway now be Pirate Stew the Dagger.

Down south the landlubber Robbie Ryan now be addressed as Pirate Hank the Periwinkle.

James the flibustier Burgess be gone for Gout Ridden Hugo.

Taylor yarr Zimmerman be feedin’ the fish and Captain Ron Seaturd be takin’ his place.

Courtney son of a biscuit eater Rupters took to the sea and Fartin’ Agnes Teach returned.

The wee bucaneers fared no better than the Seadogs above on Pirate Day:

Carter shark bait Burnstad now be called Captain Hysterical Milt Bonnie.

Harmony yarrr Clark came back a privateer as Captain Kate Backstabber.

Hannah the freebooter Clark ye reckon she be now Captian Hilary Slashface.

Have ye selves a grrrrrand ol’ day on Pirate Day. Make sure ye stay talkin’ like a pirate or else you won’t be slippin loose the hempen halter today. So, Avast ye scallywags as there are hornswagglers and black spots all around today, Pirate Day.

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