Angel Express Day 4: Kitscoty

So the cowboys are supposed to be dialed into the rhythm of his animals, right? Well, last night the border collies were practically sitting on Guy’s head while he slept. I could only put up with the whining for so long before I broke down and crawled out of my warm bed to let them out to pee…  OK he may have been a bit tired from the ride so I will give the benefit of the doubt.

Angel Express Expedition horsesZeus and Chip were well rested and ready to hit the ditch this morning, Guy was saying the horses are pack animals and were looking forward to being  escorted out of town by a couple of lovely ladies. The truth is the cowboys were just happy that they weren’t being run out of town by the police which is the norm for these guys. (Kidding of course) I have to say it was pretty cute watching the little pony legs running to keep up with Zeus. Maddi is a competent little rider and the envy of Hannah and Harmony.

Alick ran into a young fella who calls himself Tommy Quinney from Frog Lake Alberta. He is walking across BC and Alberta to raise money for Diabetes. As I drove past them on the highway it looked like Alick ran him over with Zeus and took his donations for the Angel Express… The events would neither be confirmed nor denied. Either way, he is a gem and we wish him well as he completes the tail end of his adventure. I believe he has raised over 25k and is looking to reach his goal of 50k.

Angel Express Expedition relationships We spent a few hours in a quaint Alberta town called Kitscoty. The kids spent time at what city kids would call a Macs convenient store. It stocked some items that I remember from when I was a kid. Big league chew, fizzy candy, bulk sours, bottle caps etc. I think it was actually an antique store. Our resting place tonight is complements of Mike who was introduced to us by Lyle and Debbie who was introduced to us by the gal at the Kitscoty campground. Got to love these small Alberta towns! I am secretly looking forward to a mechanical breakdown just so I can get a warm meal, a few nights with puffed pillows and rebuilt transmission.