Angel Express Day 3: Innisfree

Angel Express: Alick Brooke & Guy Bourassa Another windy day for the cowboys who tried to ride as far into the ditch as possible to avoid the gusts. The silver lining to this windy, cloudy day is the warm greeting we received at the Innisfree Recreation Park. The folks who were running the campsite, Mr. and Mrs. Weder , had heard about the ride from the local news the night before and offered the local corral/ ball diamond for us to rest the horses and a site for us to set up camp. The real love comes from the fact that they allowed the cowboys to have a shower. I will never forget Mr. and Mrs. Weder, and the gratitude sure is felt throughout the bus.

Angel Express suppor bus with Randy Clark A few locals interrupted our morning and it looks as though we may have a few extra riders for tomorrow. Arnold Usenik is bus driver and appreciated our vintage steed. I can relate to these bus guys! He knew the model and year; he knew what size engine and how many miles per gallon she gets – my kind of people. Being in the tire business for years, he said that we should have our front tires looked at as they have some weather cracks on the sidewall. There is a Michelin dealer in Lloydminster that can hopefully help us out with some warranty work.

Guy put my kids, Hannah, Harmony, and Carter, on the horses this morning… It is amazing how the horse responds to the emotions of the kids. You can also see how the different personality of each kid comes through as they each try to make friends with these big foreign beasts. Hannah did not want to come out yesterday and thought hanging out in the city would be a better way to spend the weekend. However, now that she spent the day meeting new people, riding the horses (thanks to Guy) and enjoying the nomadic lifestyle, she wants to go all the way to Halifax. It is great for the kids to experience country life.

Hannah with Zeus

Harmony with Chip

Carter with Zeus



Special thanks to Dillon and Douglas, the local kids who seemed happy to show Hannah, Harmony, and Carter life on the farm; Dillon and Douglas sure enjoyed riding the quads, more skills they have that city kids just generally don’t acquire.

Participating in the Angel Express Expedition has already brought a positive change to mine and my family’s life, but the purpose of the trip is to raise awareness and money. Judging by the warm reception received from Denise MacDonald (the epicenter of Vermillion) and the many donations along the way the mission, thus far, is accomplished.

Angel Express Expedition