Angel Express Day 1

Day one would prove to be a fiasco. Spending 3 weekends in a row checking off the many items on the list to prepare the bus and what happens the morning we leave? Trailer lights not working! What is with trailer lights? I did not want to be responsible for the delay of this trip; if the kids have to endure than so do I. I sent the cowboys heading down the road in hopes the wiring Gods would consider the gesture…. Still working on the lights.

I am getting to know these cowboys a bit as we work through the various situations that evolve. What I have discovered so far is this:

Alick (known as Dad by many) is a man with the kind of patience and determination that you would expect given the nature of this event. Certainly that would be true and at the same time it takes a man with heart and fear and sadness to possess such deep empathy for the children. He has experience firsthand their wounds from abuse and exploitation that silently and slowly heal. Too often never to be seen hear or felt by anyone.

Herein lies the problem; how do we go about raising awareness for something that no one wants to talk about?

Then there is Guy Bourassa. Pronounced by most it seems as Guy as in dude. I prefer Guy as in the cool Frenchman. He answers to either and I would caution anyone not to use any other names no matter how much he pissed you off. He is tough as nails… a true horseman, a rodeo man, a fine furniture craftsman, a father to many and generally the kind of man that would make Clint Eastwood proud. I could go on in my description but I think I nailed it!