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Wikipidia *Parley /parle/ is a discussion or conference, especially one between enemies over terms of a truce or other matters.  ¨to come together with an adversary to negotiate a settlement¨ Pirates of the caribbean
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11003 85 Ave Edmonton, AB
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 Our Vision is comprised of 4 parts

1) Our purpose:

To help families who are drowning in debt experience the feeling of a perfectly executed financial bottom turn.

2) Our mission:

To be a trusted resource for Albertans who want to take control and ownership of their fragile financial situations.

3) Our core values:




4) Descriptive Narrative:

Parley Consulting is an Edmonton based company consulting with families struggling with the burden of crippling debt. We draw from our vast network of financial health experts to help people restructure debt and  rekindle their childhood dreams. We do this by walking with and encouraging people through a financially fragile and stressful time in their lives.

Over the last 5 years our client centric consulting process has lead to hundreds of families saving upwards of 80% on their debt. Over that time, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been negotiated in favor of those families.

You can be assured our approach to self-solvency is uniquely focused and can incorporate the whole family. When an individual or family is referred to us, we start with understanding the current situation through a one hour, no-cost, consultation. From there, we outline all the options from  “staying the course” to resetting and starting over.  We aim to simplify the layered and regulated world of creditor, collector, and legal obligations that can be as complicated as they are frustrating.  Ultimately going beyond debt, we help our clients regain financial wellness by providing resources that support continuous personal growth and understanding. It is a transition from feeling completely overwhelmed and out-matched to confidently walking away with a feeling of purpose and financial control.

When a family comes to us, that family is under no obligation to use our services, although many do. Once we’ve completed our one hour assessment and the client now fully understands each outcome scenario we’ve outlined, we’ve honored on of our core values of providing knowledge . Now the client has industry understanding, clear choices, and can make an informed decision on how to map out their financial bottom turn.

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