2013 BNI Golf Tournament

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The Annual 2013 BNI Golf Tournament was a great success! As a hole sponsor we got to decorate our area and force all the golfers to do a task/participate. We engaged in our distraction & superstition hole!


We had a black cat crossing each golfer’s path which would screech at the players while they were teeing off. We placed “mirrors” down the fairway which if broken caused the 7 years of bad luck, we marked an area on the fairway as the 666 yard marker, and also had the golfers use red golf tees which had been used by other players: twice the bad luck! We made sure to continue our conversations loudly while people teed off among other distracting activities.


Earl Shindrik

Never fear though! Sending our golfers off for the rest of their tournament we provided bad luck counters – activities that are said to reverse or eliminate any bad luck you may have. Those consisted of knocking on wood, spinning counter clockwise with your head on a bat, and throwing salt over your shoulder.
We also searched for a virgin to sacrifice to rid the entire group of bad luck, but alas, we were not successful in that venture!


LLS St.Andrew's PictureWe also had a raffle for a picture of St. Andrews Golf Resort donated by the Golf Supply House along with passes to Carstairs Golf Course here in Alberta. Thanks to the generous donors that day we raised a great amount of donations for the Leukima and Lymphoma Society of Canada and hope our winner: Rick St. Laurent is enjoying his prize!

LLS donors 1LLS donors 2LLS donors 3LLS donors 4


We had a wonderful time and look forward to next year. Thank you to Pat Stride and her team for organizing the event, as well as all of the golfers who so playfully engaged in our mission. Pat Stride BNI