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Randal Clark


Randal14 years of experience in the financial industry spanning a career in sub prime lending markets to a controller in the oil and gas sector and now, an owner of a successful consulting business. During the last 4 years Parley Consulting has redefined the lives of hundreds of families. Daily he and his team are confronted with typical Canadian families that are outspending their income by 60%, saving less than 4 cents per dollar earned. And having debt ratios of 165% to over 225%.

Therefore, Randal´s passion is being a driving force in showing families how to avoid, control, and manage the causes of debt. Through his keen insight into the world of debt and finances, randal discusses his hard earned tips, tricks and tools of the trade. Whereby, families now have the resources and knowledge to prevent and avoid tipping points of financial stress.

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Sheila Hawkins

Sheila HawkinsAMP

Like many financial advisors, after university Sheila started her career working with the bank. Not happy with what the large corporate institutions had to offer clients Sheila
started her own company. Her goal was to have time to work with clients to educate and guide them in a non-biased way helping them make the right decisions about their financial situation without product pressure.

In 1999 her company naturally progressed to adding Canadian Mortgage Brokers a good compliment to the financial planning she was already doing. Enjoying unique situations and challenges she has now included debt restructuring to her company’s list of services. Working with integrity and treating her clients with respect and dignity regardless of their situation have always been some of Sheila’s best attributes.

CFPSheila’s experience is supported by her continuing educational focus. She is a Certified Financial Planner and Life Agent with 20 years of experience in various planning environments. She is an Accredited Mortgage Professional with 15 years of experience including 10 years in B side alternate lending. Sheila is also a Consumer Debt Counselor and an appointed Commission
er for Oaths in and for the Province of Alberta.


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James Burgess

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Professional Speaker/FacilitatorEVERYDAY PEOPLE
Authoring & facilitating new corporate team development programs and workshops

Goals to
– build value and good-will
-create benefits for members

-to achieve 5000 members in 5 years
– establish an Everyday Centre in each major Canadian city
– build provide a strong community style framework for other coaching professionals to work within
– to have a great time doing it!

– Publishing ebook “Thrive & Succeed” a small business survival guide for the Everyday Entrepreneur Community
– In development: “Take Flight” Pursuit Program for Personal Life Coaching
” Take Flight” Personal Growth Resource ebook for Everyday People Community members



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